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HospitalityCareers.com’s extensive network of hospitality makes it simple for you to find providers fast!

When you post a job on HospitalityCareers.com, we market it to thousands of websites dedicated to the most relevant hospitality specialties. Your company and your jobs are exposed to a huge audience of active and passive candidates.

Stop waiting for the right candidate to come to you. Find the ideal providers with our easily searchable database that’s one of the nation’s largest, most active hospitality sites. We even make first contact easy by providing you with professionally written email templates.

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Our advanced Candidate Matching lets you match your jobs to those in the hospitality industry in our extensive database. Candidate matches are broken down into two types. Exact Matches and Good Matches. Exact Matches require occupation, specialty, degree, position type, work environment, Visa sponsorship, city, and state. Good Matches are based on occupation, specialty, and location preferences.

View applications, tag candidates for further review, communicate with other decision-makers at your company and then make the right decision about who to hire.

Built-in ATS

Hospitality Careers is your all-in-one hiring tool! Our new built-in Applicant Tracking system lets employers and recruiters quickly move applicants through an internal pipeline. Customize the workflow to meet your unique hiring process. From the Applications page, you’ll see an option to move candidates into the next phase of your review or hiring pipeline as they’re screened, reviewed, and hired.

Our powerful video interviewing platform allows you to invite candidates to live video interviews, then rate and review those and share them with your internal hiring team. You can also create video applications that include screening questions and pre-recorded video questions you can send to candidates who can submit at their convenience.

Measuring your reach and performance is critical to understanding how your jobs are performing. Our company dashboard gives you insight into how well your jobs are performing and where you can make improvements.

We look forward to working with you!

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